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Why book a villa for your holidays in Crete?

December 21, 2022

This was the year the planet got the hang of travel again — and we only need to flick through the pics and videos to remember the many lovely moments well-spent on our escapades. As 2022 is drawing to a close, it’s once again time to make our New Years’ resolutions. Being kinder to ourselves is usually a staple on the list – but what does this actually entail? Certainly stressing less, while indulging more. Of course, a surefire way to pamper oneself is to embark on a holiday. Preferably somewhere warm, sunny and fabulous. Like Chania in Crete. Even better if it’s in a luxury villa in Chania, at that. Some might say that opting for a villa instead of a hotel is extravagant or just too much – but it is actually not. In many cases – like when you are travelling with the family – the pros far outweigh the cons and here is why:


3 +1 reasons why you should book a villa for your holidays in Crete


No matter how luxurious a hotel is, or how intricate its facilities are, you will always share them with many strangers. A private villa like the Adeste comes with a private pool just for yourself and yours — no more fighting over the sunloungers (don’t you just hate it when people “reserve” them for the day with their towels while they are not even there?) and no more embarrassing bikini moments in front of unknowns. In a villa, you can feel right at home, free to use every facility anytime you want without waiting for your turn. There is a reason celebrities love private villas. This is where you can be yourself, and nobody will bother you – just like home.



Yet unless you’re a celebrity, budget is a big deciding factor. Many people automatically assume that a hotel is more affordable – indeed, if you’re travelling solo, staying in a hotel is more cost-friendly. If you’re however vacationing with the family or a larger group of friends, a private villa, no matter how luxurious it is, will still offer a better deal than most hotels of equal (if not lower) standards. Rather than everyone booking their own room in a hotel, you’ll be booking one property and splitting the bill– and the more rooms you fill, the lower the cost gets as it spreads among more people. Take the luscious and expansive, 4-bedroom Villas Aori and Apoi, for example. If there are eight of you, you’ll get a terrific value for money – especially considering that they include services like full technical support and daily cleaning (as in the case of a hotel, you won’t need to make up your own bed here, either – and that’s one of life’s great little luxuries especially if you’re with children!). Plus, as you’ll have access to a full kitchen you can prepare your own meals when you don’t feel like eating out, which will help slash the overall cost of your trip. And to help you do just that, we’ve thoughtfully laid out a complimentary hamper basket with breakfast essentials for a power start to the day.


Bespoke Experience

Private villas these days provide stunning luxury facilities, amenities and services. The Adeste Luxury Villas in Chania sport soul-lifting sea views from all rooms, stunning private pools, all sorts of tech gadgets and sweet-smelling toiletries. They also come with plenty of tricks up their sleeves like outdoor BBQs, hot tubs and fireplaces, offering an individualized kind of luxury unavailable at large hotels. Each villa in the Adeste Chania Luxury Collection is unique, with a distinctive style and a personality of its own. With its highly-curated concierge services, it’s moreover designed to deliver a range of experiential enrichments that transform a superb villa holiday into a life-enhancing one. From expertly administered massages to immersive snorkelling adventures, and from a sailing expedition to a wine-tasting tour or a hands-on cooking lesson, we’ll customise your stay with myriads of activities that connect you with the essence of the island of Crete.


Food that lingers long in the memory

It’s simple really. Whenever you have a large kitchen cooking massive amounts of food for many guests, as in the case of a – howbeit luxurious – hotel, the quality of the food can’t match that of the one served at a private dinner for eight people. The Adeste private villas provide personal Chefs who know the area and source fresh ingredients specifically selected according to their guest’s tastes. Options range from a simple family lunch to a lavish BBQ feast, a romantic candlelit dinner, or a kids’ intimate birthday. And if you’re carving for variety, with our dining-in villa service, you can take your pick from an array of strictly vetted local restaurants, renowned for their exceptional tastes.


Our Chania luxury villas can meet your needs for relaxation, privacy and indulgence in every way possible – something that even the most refined hotel cannot do. Check out our special villa offers in Chania and feel free to contact us to co-design the sun-drenched escape of your dreams. Meanwhile, make sure to stay tuned to our blog for some wonderful, wanderlust inspiration!

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