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Cretan food: Foodies heaven

June 15, 2020

World-famous olive oil, world-class cheeses, a large variety of greens and herbs, hormone-free fruit and vegetables, fiery spirits…With more than 300 days of sunshine in a year, Crete produces a surplus of edible goods that stand out for their health benefits, quality and taste. Drawing on one of the planet’s most long-standing and renowned gastronomic traditions, these raw materials -packed with goodness- are combined in straightforward, unpretentious ways, designed to bring out the unique aromas and flavours of each and every one of them. The Cretan cuisine is one of foundation; not of complicated sauces. So the strength of Cretan food lies not in elaborate technique, but in the variety, and purity, of the local produce. It’s healthy, it’s super- fresh, simple, yet extremely palatable and downright delicious. That’s why Cretan food ranks very high among the delights of holidaying on this sun-kissed island. In fact, Cretan food might as well be a good enough reason to visit Crete on its own. To whet your appetite a little further here’s what you’d be savouring every day in Crete:

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Stay calm at home and dream about your next family holiday in Chania Adeste Villas

April 7, 2020
Luxury Villa that is perfect for a family holiday in Chania, Crete

Fun looks a lot like a family holiday in Chania, especially if you’re residing at the Adeste Luxury Villas. Alas in view of the current global circumstances, for now, recreating vacation moments with the gang, while staying safe inside, will just have to do. Read on for some inspiration and tips on how to get through this rough patch before it is time again to start planning your next family escapade.

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Enjoy a glorious family holiday in Crete at the stunning Adeste Chania luxury villas

December 17, 2019
Family Holiday in Crete

There are many good -actually great- reasons for which to have your next family holiday in Crete, no matter the season. Here’s a few: Fantastic weather with more than 300 days of sunshine per year. A remarkably beautiful as much as varied scenery, ranging from paradisiacal beaches to awe-inspiring mountains, gorges, and ravines. A delectable cuisine based on the wealth and goodness of the local produce, exemplifying the world-famous Mediterranean diet. Some of the world’s most important heritage monuments and sites, let’s not forget that Europe’s first advanced civilization, the Minoan, was born on Cretan soil. But also impeccable services, up to date infrastructures and that’s not to mention warm, friendly locals, who, like all Greeks, adore kids.

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Adeste Chania luxury villas: A tribute to Cretan Wine

October 21, 2019

With a history that spans over 5.000 years, winemaking in Crete is one of the oldest surviving traditions on the island. Omnipresent in the everyday table and special occasions alike, wine is embedded in Cretans’ lives: As an accompaniment to meals, as a welcome to friends and strangers, as a mirth inducing toast at weddings and christenings, but also as a natural medicine for the ailments of body, heart and spirit.

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Sail trips in Chania, Crete: Going with the wind

August 6, 2019
Sail trips in Chania, Crete. View of the setting sun from the deck of a sailing boat in the open sea

A stunning backdrop composed of steep cliffs, rocks and verdant patches. Crystal clear waters sparkling against cerulean skies. Dolphins playing along the way. Secluded shores, deserted caves and exotic beaches. Bay hopping – or island hopping. Sailing into the wind, having fun on the waterside; sunbathing or lounging on board in style. Enjoying cocktails against a tangerine-purple sunset or candlelit dinners under the stars. In other words spending immersive, unforgettable moments, in the company of family and friends – old and new alike. This is the gist of “holidays”. And what sail trips in Chania, Crete look and feel like.

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Enjoy summer and good food at the Adeste sea view villas in Chania

June 12, 2019
Good food at the Adeste sea view villas in Chania

We recommend staying at our sea view villas in Chania this summer. Why? There are many good reasons! For starters there are Chania’s spectacular beaches: Like the iconic Balos and Gramvousa, with the exotic waters and white sand; Kedrodassos, an oasis of white sand and juniper trees; Falassarna which is systematically featured in the “best beaches of the world” lists; or serene and sandy Almyrida, at the Apokoronas region, just 3 kilometers away from the Adeste sea view villas in Chania. Just perfect for families and nature lovers, with its calm waters and verdant surroundings, laid back vibe and fine, fresh seafood.

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Spoil yourselves at your Adeste Villa with private pool in Chania

May 22, 2019

An enchanting mosaic of brilliant civilizations, exotic beaches, dramatic mountainscapes and fertile planes; sleepy, quaint villages and vibrant, cosmopolitan towns; Crete was first discovered by the hippies in the 60’s and soon after by the whole world. Bristling with natural beauties, ancient treasures, a world class gastronomic culture, age old, fascinating customs and traditions and a distinctly proud and fierce, albeit kindhearted spirit, Greece’s largest island, is nowadays the destination of choice for solo travellers, couples, families or groups of friends from all over the world.

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Explore Chania in Easter and Springtime

April 25, 2019
Purple Easter Eggs. Explore Chania in Easter & Spring to experience local traditions

Why do you go on holiday? Perhaps you just want to bask in the glorious sunshine, have a dip in the sea, relax and unwind. Or maybe you’d like to spend your time more “productively”; getting acquainted with every nook and cranny of charming historical places and world class heritage sites. In Crete’s arguably most picturesque spot you can have the best of both worlds! Indeed with its stunning natural scenery, rich architectural legacy and array of enchanting folkways, Chania beckons both the “active” and the more “relaxed”.


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Relax in Chania: A brief guide

April 15, 2019

Why do you travel? To see the world and its marvels. To meet new people, sample their food, customs and culture. And, perhaps most importantly, to relax and unwind, as you go about it.

In view of our super busy, stressful lives, we all need -and deserve- a break from the pressures of everyday routine. A pure wonderland with all the holiday essentials –striking scenery, fascinating monuments, excellent climate, laid back aura and famed gastronomy- Crete is your best bet, if tension relief is what you’re craving for.

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