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Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Chania

February 21, 2022

Whether on popular instagrammable locations or at off the beaten track spots, these thoroughly romantic restaurants in Chania will delight your palates, rekindle the flames and lift your spirits.


Valentine’s day – commemorating the patron- saint of love, a priest who secretly married early Christians and for this martyred and died under Roman Emperor Claudio’s reign –  is typically celebrated around the globe with red roses, heart-shaped candy, spicy lingerie and candlelit dinners.

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Hiking in Crete

September 21, 2021

Image by Barbara Pilas from Pixabay

Lace-up your boots and hit the ground! Go hiking in Crete in stunning places, from dramatic gorges to sleepy villages, engaging all your senses and getting closer than you ever imagined to this incredible land and its people.

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Explore Chania

August 31, 2021

Image by Jan Claus from Pixabay


Filled with world-famous sites but also quirky, come-hither nooks that tempt you to venture just that little bit further, Crete’s westernmost quarter begs to be discovered. Whether from the sea or the land, by foot, by boat or by car, explore Chania and fall in love forever.

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