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Best time to visit Chania (part 1)

February 28, 2022

Image by fietzfotos from pixabay 


Brimming with wonders, Crete’s westernmost region is stunning throughout the year. Yet the best time to visit Chania can vary according to your style, mood, and inclination.

With several direct summer flights from all around Europe, and many daily flights and ferries from Athens throughout the year, Chania in Crete is easy to reach – and almost impossible not to fall in love with. With some of the world’s best beaches, important archaeological landmarks, a bustling gastronomic scenestunning countryside, and an iconic old town with maze-like alleys to get lost in, this sun-kissed corner of the Mediterranean has something for all: History buffs, architecture lovers, foodies, adventure seekers, honeymooners and beach bums.

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Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Chania

February 21, 2022

Whether on popular instagrammable locations or at off the beaten track spots, these thoroughly romantic restaurants in Chania will delight your palates, rekindle the flames and lift your spirits.


Valentine’s day – commemorating the patron- saint of love, a priest who secretly married early Christians and for this martyred and died under Roman Emperor Claudio’s reign –  is typically celebrated around the globe with red roses, heart-shaped candy, spicy lingerie and candlelit dinners.

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Hiking in Crete

September 21, 2021

Image by Barbara Pilas from Pixabay

Lace-up your boots and hit the ground! Go hiking in Crete in stunning places, from dramatic gorges to sleepy villages, engaging all your senses and getting closer than you ever imagined to this incredible land and its people.

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Explore Chania

August 31, 2021

Image by Jan Claus from Pixabay


Filled with world-famous sites but also quirky, come-hither nooks that tempt you to venture just that little bit further, Crete’s westernmost quarter begs to be discovered. Whether from the sea or the land, by foot, by boat or by car, explore Chania and fall in love forever.

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6 Top things to do with the family in Chania, Crete

November 4, 2020

Image by Julian Hacker

From experiencing the great outdoors to delving deep into ancient mysteries, there is no shortage of things to do with the family in Chania, Crete. A year-round sunkissed, safe destination, with modern services and infrastructures, great food and low crime rates, Crete is just the place to go with the kids for soaking up some culture and sunshine at the same time!

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Secluded Cretan Beaches: Little slices of heaven on earth where you may keep you social distances surrounded by bliss and calm

September 9, 2020

Social distancing and self-isolation have been the operative words throughout 2020. Υet all this stress that we are currently experiencing has taken its toll. We are all in need of some sort of a break. After all, staying healthy presupposes staying sane too; and for this to happen, just getting away from it all, is nothing short of imperative! The trick then is to embark on a (much needed) holiday but still keep away from the maddening crowds. So how does one go about it? Crete is a hospitable paradise with more than 300 days of sunshine in a year. And though (no wonder) it is one of the most touristic destinations in the world, its sheer size and uniquely diversified morphology afford ample opportunities for privacy and seclusion. Take the glorious Cretan beaches for example: From cosmopolitan stretches of sand or world-famous, exotic lagoons to deserted bays and secluded coves, there is something for every taste and disposition. Even in these difficult COVID- 19 times. Here we’ll be taking a look into the best secluded Cretan beaches: Unbeknown to most, little slices of heaven on earth with crystalline waters in technicolour blue; with no organised facilities or a selfie stick in sight; just perfect for keeping your social distances safely in the company of your -handpicked- nearest and dearest.

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Cretan food: Foodies heaven

June 15, 2020

World-famous olive oil, world-class cheeses, a large variety of greens and herbs, hormone-free fruit and vegetables, fiery spirits…With more than 300 days of sunshine in a year, Crete produces a surplus of edible goods that stand out for their health benefits, quality and taste. Drawing on one of the planet’s most long-standing and renowned gastronomic traditions, these raw materials -packed with goodness- are combined in straightforward, unpretentious ways, designed to bring out the unique aromas and flavours of each and every one of them. The Cretan cuisine is one of foundation; not of complicated sauces. So the strength of Cretan food lies not in elaborate technique, but in the variety, and purity, of the local produce. It’s healthy, it’s super- fresh, simple, yet extremely palatable and downright delicious. That’s why Cretan food ranks very high among the delights of holidaying on this sun-kissed island. In fact, Cretan food might as well be a good enough reason to visit Crete on its own. To whet your appetite a little further here’s what you’d be savouring every day in Crete:

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Stay calm at home and dream about your next family holiday in Chania Adeste Villas

April 7, 2020
Luxury Villa that is perfect for a family holiday in Chania, Crete

Fun looks a lot like a family holiday in Chania, especially if you’re residing at the Adeste Luxury Villas. Alas in view of the current global circumstances, for now, recreating vacation moments with the gang, while staying safe inside, will just have to do. Read on for some inspiration and tips on how to get through this rough patch before it is time again to start planning your next family escapade.

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