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Sail trips in Chania, Crete: Going with the wind

August 6, 2019
Sail trips in Chania, Crete. View of the setting sun from the deck of a sailing boat in the open sea

A stunning backdrop composed of steep cliffs, rocks and verdant patches. Crystal clear waters sparkling against cerulean skies. Dolphins playing along the way. Secluded shores, deserted caves and exotic beaches. Bay hopping – or island hopping. Sailing into the wind, having fun on the waterside; sunbathing or lounging on board in style. Enjoying cocktails against a tangerine-purple sunset or candlelit dinners under the stars. In other words spending immersive, unforgettable moments, in the company of family and friends – old and new alike. This is the gist of “holidays”. And what sail trips in Chania, Crete look and feel like.


Sail trips in Chania: pinch me now experiences in Crete

A once in a lifetime, immersive adventure, sailing in Chania, is all about basking in the glory of nature; exploring mesmerizing seascapes; bonding with kindred spirits; and that’s not to mention, experiencing a superb adrenaline rush!


Sail trips in Chania, Crete may vary in terms of length, duration, intensity or itinerary, to accommodate different party sizes, individual preferences and needs. Options are quite extensive and highly customizable. Indicatively only, they may range from sunset sailing excursions; half day tours to the islet of Thodorou, home to the endangered kri kri wild goat; full day trips to iconic sights like the paradisiacal Balos lagoon, which, with its turquoise blue waters and soft, pink sands, is regularly listed as one of the best beaches in the world; or even multi day sailing trips in Chania; which, weather permitting, may even take you all the way to Europe’s most southern corner, to the island of Gavdos.


At the Adeste luxury villas in Chania, we are very proud of the place we’re lucky enough to call home –incredible Crete– and we aim to showcase it, in all its splendour and diversity to the world. Sail trips in Chania are one of the best ways to explore our fascinating island scenery, and being wind enthusiasts ourselves we have incorporated them in our Adeste exploring concierge villa services. Feel free to consult with our expert concierge team, to design the voyage of your dreams!


Experience ultimate indulgence at the Adeste luxury villas in Chania

At the end of your seafaring adventure, your luxurious Cretan home away from home at the Adeste Chania luxury villas, shall be waiting to engulf you in a world of serenity, ultimate indulgence and comfort. Blending voguish aesthetic with timeless elegance, the Adeste Chania luxury villas, sport mesmerizing vistas, the latest conveniences (including Illy espresso machines and mini iPads), ample space, large openings and private balconies with pools. They also come with plenty of tricks up their sleeves – whether a BBQ, fireplace or hot tub. And while each one of the luxurious Adeste Villas, be it the Apoi, Alai, Armi or Aori, flaunts its own character and style with original artwork and furniture; all unfalteringly offer heartfelt Cretan hospitality, ultimate pampering and utmost relaxation.


What’s more at your Adeste villa of choice you’ll get the red carpet treatment that you would expect from a premium 5* hotel. Daily cleaning, round the clock technical support, private dining -and that’s not to mention a complimentary welcome hamper with fresh, locally sourced food and drink– are among the perks of staying at the Adeste Villas. Spoiling you rotten is indeed our quest, and with that in mind we are proffering a host of highly personalized, concierge services: Organizing tailor-made sail trips in Chania, Crete, as aforementioned, is but one example. Whether you’re looking for an uber relaxing massage, hands-on cooking lessons or a trustworthy babysitter, we’ve also got you covered.


Just book your experiences in advance through our website or should you wish, discuss your plans, wishes and ideas with our concierge as soon as you set foot in our villas!

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