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Relax in Chania: A brief guide

April 15, 2019

Why do you travel? To see the world and its marvels. To meet new people, sample their food, customs and culture. And, perhaps most importantly, to relax and unwind, as you go about it.

In view of our super busy, stressful lives, we all need -and deserve- a break from the pressures of everyday routine. A pure wonderland with all the holiday essentials –striking scenery, fascinating monuments, excellent climate, laid back aura and famed gastronomy- Crete is your best bet, if tension relief is what you’re craving for.

Relax in Chania at the Adeste Villas

Right at the heart of the Chania prefecture, on the foot of the majestic White Mountains, Apokoronas is one of the greenest regions of Crete, blending the joys of a modern seaside resort, with the old school charm of a traditional village. This is the locale of the Adeste Villas. With a wealth of fascinating things to do and see in the area; and a signature blend of welcoming ambiance, impeccable services, amenities, aesthetic and killer views, in its premisses, at the Adeste Crete luxury villas, you will no doubt find what you’re looking for: That is to relax in Chania; unload, reboot and reconnect with yourself and your dearest and nearest.

We’ d love to help you create some holiday memories you’ll remember forever. And with this in mind, we have put together a list of suggestions on how to relax in Chania.


Relax in Chania with the locals

Enjoy some hot and sweet, Greek coffee at a kafenio. Take your time to sit down and chat with the locals. Their tales are bound to be fascinating-didactic even. And they shall certainly take your mind off your normal worries and leave you with your own stories to tell. The tiny “Red Village”, just off the Adeste Chania luxury Villas, though deriving its name from a rather bloody incident during the war of independence, is actually very pretty. An authentic, picturesque settlement with a handful of traditional Cretan taverns and kafeneia, where you’ll be able to engage in this favorite Greek pastime. Don’t forget to take a stroll around the village to take in the scenery. After all Kokkino Chorio was the setting for Zorba the Greek: The classic 1964 film, that gave rise to the tourist wave sweeping into Crete’s sun-kissed beaches.


Relax in Chania with a glass of wine

“Wine maketh glad the heart of man”, says the Bible. Cretans though, knew about the wine’s therapeutic and euphoric qualities even before then. Dating back to Minoan times, Crete’s wine making tradition is as long as it is outstanding. Nowadays, the new generation of Cretan winemakers are producing some little gems based on ancient indigenous varieties, that have won international accolades. Spend some leisurely hours enjoying the Cretan nature and savoring these little taste bombs from the Cretan terroir at one of the areas renowned Cretan wineries, such as Dourakis, or Manoussakis. This is what to relax in Chania feels and tastes like!


Relax in Chania in nature

Relax in Chania by being active. Walking around the one of a kind, Botanical Park of Crete, means losing yourself amidst 20 hectares of more than 150 colorful and fragrant, species of fruit trees, herbs, ornamental and medicinal plants. Not only a feast for sore eyes but also an endorphin-releasing exercise that shall leave you rejuvenated, replenished in body and mind and happy.


Relax in Chania whilst getting… a free pedicure!

Do you know about these tiny, little fish that nibble dead skin from your feet, leaving them as soft as a baby’s? It makes you look good but also helps you relax by emptying your mind. If you’re interested, there are two options whilst holidaying in Chania. You either pay for the privilege at one of the town’s quite popular fish spas, οr, you head to the lake Kournas and get this for free! Just 4 km from Georgioupolis, in Apokoronas, Kournas is a natural wonder -and a marvel to look at- protected under the Natura 2000 program. In fact it is the only large natural freshwater lake in Crete, surrounded by high mountains and olive groves. Take a stroll around the lake (it’s perimeter is just 3,5 km); do pedal or kayak; or go swimming in its beaches. And while you’re at it, enjoy the aforementioned free pedicure -courtesy of the tiny fish frequenting the lake’s shores. It gives you a funny, tingling feeling and is surely a great -and that’s not to mention original- way to relax in Chania.

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