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Olive oil tasting in Chania: An essential part of your Cretan experience

March 12, 2020
olive oil tasting in Chania, Crete. Extra Virgin Cretan Olive Oil

The sun-kissed Cretan terrain has been producing delectable taste bombs like the extra virgin olive oil since Neolithic times. Discover our island’s culinary legacy and its basis -the wondrous Cretan liquid gold- with an olive oil tasting in Chania.

A silvery- green, gently swishing sea, stretching across valleys and hills, reaching all the way up into the mountains: Crete’s perhaps most characteristic image remains unchanged since time immemorial. Thanks to its sunny, mild climate, the systematic cultivation of the olive tree on the island of Crete was made possible from the early Minoan times. Crete’s ties to olive oil run very deep indeed. For anyone visiting, olive oil tasting in Chania, is one of those not to be missed activities. Don’t just take our word for it. Read on for an introduction to the fascinating world of Crete’s liquid gold:

Olive oil tasting in Chania: An experience not to go without

Archaeological findings suggest that Cretans have been using olive oil since 4500 BC for a host of different purposes. Aptly named Crete’s liquid gold, the olive oil has been invariably central to the Cretan diet and economy, but also in its arts, crafts, literature, traditions and religion: Omnipresent in every Cretan household’s table, it was and is a staple of everyday nutrition. What’s more, in times of peril and hunger it became a saviour even, staving off starvation. As a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory, cancer-fighting and Alzheimer’s inhibiting properties, the olive oil is also employed in medicine or as a potent skin and hair cosmetic. This miraculous golden-green liquid moreover functions as an all-natural preservative and as fuel for lamps, body rub, lubricant and perfume. Furthermore, it is traditionally utilized in religious rituals and ceremonies and the care of the dead.


Cretan olive oil has always played a pivotal role in the island’s economy too. Successfully traded overseas as early as the 17th-century under Venetian rule, nowadays it accounts for more than 66% of Crete’s food and drinks export income. This practically means that more and more people around the globe are getting acquainted -and hooked- with Crete’s elixir. And as the Cretan diet is getting increasingly recognised as the paragon for sound health and delectable taste, the extra virgin olive oil at its very core, receives even greater attention. If you are yet to try, one session of olive oil tasting in Chania will have you convinced forever.

Connect with Crete’s essence with an olive oil tasting in Chania

More and more travellers are now looking for immersive experiences that connect them to the essence and cadences of the places that they visit. In the case of Crete, food is the most befitting (and that’s not to mention appetizing!) medium through which to discover the island’s history, heritage and traditions. From olive mills and olive oil museum tours, to sampling olive oil-based Cretan delicacies in high-end restaurants, at remote villages’ cafes or by the pool of your Adeste luxury villa in Chania, there are plenty of opportunities to appreciate the marvel of Crete’s cuisine. Our expert concierge at the Adeste Chania Luxury Villas is here to take care of the details, ensuring that your experience is as individualised as it is authentic. Options include hands-on cooking lessons with local culinarians; winery visits on which you will learn how to pair food and wine like a pro; or olive oil tastings in Chania. Edible temptations indeed rank high on our hospitality philosophy at the Adeste seaview villas in Chania. That’s why Cretan food and drink will take centre stage through the duration of your stay. To give you just a hint, our in villa services include a complimentary welcome hamper basket with seasonal treats, local wine and breakfast essentials; a packed lunch service with 3-course menus, different for each day of the week; or dining in villa and picnic basket services, featuring the creme de la creme of local delicacies. Then there is our chef on-demand service: Perfect for celebrating a special occasion or just life. At the privacy of your villa with a tailor designed meal, prepared with handpicked locally sourced ingredients, bound to arouse fond memories in the years to come. And the best of all? Some of the dishes you’ll try during your holidays in Crete and at the Adeste Villas in Chania, Apokoronas are super easy to make back home. Just make sure to have the right ingredients.


Dakos: Crete on a plate

Take dakos for example, the Greek equivalent of the bruschetta: You shall only need a round barley rusk, a generous dollop of Crete’s thick and rich, extra virgin olive oil, a ripe sliced tomato and some aged Cretan mizithra or feta. Just cut the rusk in half, soak it in water and then spread the tomato and top it with the cheese. Sprinkle with pepper and a good amount of oregano, and drizzle with olive oil. A no-frills, easy to make dish which requires no cooking but will leave you happily satiated! In fact, dakos is a prime example of Cretan cuisine: Wholly based on this blessed land’s produce, packed with aromas, flavours and goodness, even the simplest Cretan recipe is a veritable, palatable gem! Get in touch to find out more.

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