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Wondrous 4 seasons at the Adeste Luxury villas in Chania

February 25, 2019

Do you love water? Would you like to swim in cerulean, crystal clear waters? Sunbathe in interminable beaches with fine golden sand? Go surfing, diving, parasailing or kitesurfing? Maybe you are more into the mountain kind of sports: How about cave-exploration, rock or mountain climbing, then? Perhaps you’d like to examine the remains of a civilization that laid the foundation of the world as we know it. Or explore medieval monasteries and cities resembling open air museums of Venetian and Ottoman architecture. Would you be interested in hiking in some of Europe’s most fascinating ravines and gorges? Walking in some seriously scenic routes? Embarking on a jeep safari; discovering the secrets of the planet’s healthiest diet; going on a wine-or olive oil- tasting tour; feasting in traditional panigiria; or attending open air concerts? Maybe even, just hanging out with the locals in a “kafeneio”, drinking raki and nibbling on black olives and matured gruyere?



Options in Crete are vast and varied; for all sorts of tastes and inclinations. Indeed Greece’s largest island is well and truly a four seasons, five senses destination, with something for all.  And the striking Cretan landscape, full of antitheses, never fails to amaze, whatever the time of the year.

A glorious springtime escapade at the Adeste luxury villas in Chania

Base yourselves at the Adeste luxury villas in Chania -perhaps Crete’s most fascinating of all regions; graced as much with beauty as it is with abundant and exciting things to do- and set about indulging.

With spring just around the corner, following the winter’s rains, the island shall soon be at its greenest and literally carpeted with multicolored wildflowers with intoxicating scents. Now more than ever it is the time to bask in the glory of nature; and to savor the first signs of its rebirth! This is also a great period to tour the world famous ancient ruins and monuments, sans the hordes of tourists to be found during the busier months. The mild temperatures (with highs around 17°C) are moreover ideal for for hiking and trekking and strolling around quaint villages and historic towns. What’s more, locals, by now rested and stress free, are even more welcoming than usual; so expect to be greeted as an old friend, treated to all sorts of treats, chatted up by smiling faces and get engaged in exhilarating, philosophical discussions.

At the end of the day, after your adventures and escapades, your new home away from home at the Adeste luxury villas in Chania, shall be waiting to restore, pamper and revive you.

Ideally located at the Apokoronas area, on a hill between the pristine countryside and the daily life of a quaint hamlet, the Adeste luxury villas in Chania, offer a potent mix of stunning natural scenery, authenticity of experience and proximity to many of Crete’s most renowned attractions. What’s more, with magazine worthy looks and all creature comforts– including but not limited to Illy espresso machines, mini iPad’s, private pools and hydromassage columns– the Adeste luxury villas in Chania, blend the intimacy of a private holiday home with with all the trappings of a 5* hotel. So expect to be pampered and cajoled throughout your stay; and to receive no less than the royal treatment with a host of highly personalized concierge and travel desk services. Uncover the new you with an expert massage by your private pool. Embark on a cycling tour with the aid of a fun and friendly local; and discover Crete’s luscious, verdant spring facade. Go horseback riding and bond with your better half, and/or your offspring over a body and mind engaging experience. Or learn how to cook traditional, local delicacies on the side of a seasoned homemaker and take a piece of Crete back with you! But this is just a sample of the activities put together by the Adeste team. Take your pick as your mood strikes you! One thing’s for sure: Whether venturing out or opting not to leave the sumptuous Adeste luxury villas in Chania, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

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