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Enjoy a glorious family holiday in Crete at the stunning Adeste Chania luxury villas

December 17, 2019
Family Holiday in Crete

There are many good -actually great- reasons for which to have your next family holiday in Crete, no matter the season. Here’s a few: Fantastic weather with more than 300 days of sunshine per year. A remarkably beautiful as much as varied scenery, ranging from paradisiacal beaches to awe-inspiring mountains, gorges, and ravines. A delectable cuisine based on the wealth and goodness of the local produce, exemplifying the world-famous Mediterranean diet. Some of the world’s most important heritage monuments and sites, let’s not forget that Europe’s first advanced civilization, the Minoan, was born on Cretan soil. But also impeccable services, up to date infrastructures and that’s not to mention warm, friendly locals, who, like all Greeks, adore kids.

Why choose Apokoronas, the verdant home of Adeste Chania luxury villas for your family holiday in Crete

We could go on and on about the merits of a family holiday in Crete, in this sun-drenched heaven on earth, but we think we had you at the weather-or maybe the beaches.
Deciding on the overall destination is one thing. Yet being Greece’s largest island, Crete is rather vast. So where exactly should you stay with your family in Crete? Chania, the island’s arguably most picturesque prefecture is one of your best bets. For starters, it combines history, culture and an alluringly beautiful, iconic old town. It also encompasses a wealth of natural and manmade attractions: From the stunning biotope of Lake Kournas to the astonishing Samaria gorge or the exotic beaches of Balos and Gramvousa; and from ancient monuments like the town of Aptera to Byzantine monasteries like Gouverneto, there is something for every taste.


And while Chania is an ideal base for your Cretan family escapade, actually residing within its old town might not be such a good idea. Granted, with its amalgam of Venetian mansions, Ottoman baths, and Byzantine churches, it is indeed postcard pretty. Alas, it tends to get super busy, with heavy traffic, parking unavailability and quite some noise.


When travelling with the whole gang it is, therefore, preferable to choose a quieter, more secluded spot, close to the attractions but safely removed from the hustle and bustle.


Within a short, easy drive from the port of Souda, on the foot of the majestic White Mountains, you’ll find Apokoronas: One of the most luscious regions of the Chania prefecture, with a wealth of interesting sights and several glorious beach resorts. This is the privileged abode of the Adeste Chania luxury villas: A sleek and modern complex of four sumptuous holiday homes nestled on a verdant hill, just off Kokkino Chorio: The tiny village that once hosted the filming of legendary Zorba the Greek; which nowadays remains equally quaint and cute.


Cinematic (and convenient!) location aside, another major advantage of the Adeste Chania luxury villas is their design and architecture:

Blending with their verdant surroundings, sporting mesmerizing vistas, the latest conveniences (including Illy espresso machines and mini iPads), ample space, large openings and private balconies with pools; each one of the Adeste Chania luxury villas, flaunts its very own character and style with original artworks, designer furniture and plenty of tricks up its sleeves: Whether a fireplace, a hot tub or a BBQ for family dinners al fresco. Depending on your party size and composition you may select between the 4 bedroom Apoi and Aori villas with hot tub in Chania or the 3 bedroom Alai Villa with fireplace or Armi Villa with heated pool. Yet no matter which villa you choose absolute indulgence is guaranteed.


The best of both worlds at the Adeste Chania luxury villas for your next family holiday in Crete

Blending the privileges of a -stunning- private holiday residence with the perks of a 5* hotel, at the Adeste Chania luxury villas you get to have the best of both worlds.
Expect nothing less than daily cleaning; round the clock technical support, and that’s not to mention the most delectable welcome with a complimentary hamper basket featuring hand-picked delicacies for the whole family to enjoy. And this is just the beginning:


Young and old will get the royal treatment at their villa which comes with a wealth of highly personalized, concierge services:

How about a bit of family bonding, with a sailing trip, maybe horseback riding or an excursion to Cretaquarium? Relaxing massages by the pool or a private chef to concoct the perfect meal for the kids to savour (and the adults to secretly wolf down!) are an option too. While if you feel like wandering around a bit on your own, we can organize a trusty babysitter to keep the younger ones safely entertained. Options abound and are personalized as your -and yours- tastes and preferences. And then after your fun-packed family adventure in Chania, you may return to your base at the Adeste luxury villas in Apokoronas, to rest in pillows fluffier than a baby duckling. Restored and revived after a good night’s sleep, you may then resume your exploration of Crete’s most fascinating sights and attractions. They only thing left to say is happy holidays in Crete!

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