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Stay calm at home and dream about your next family holiday in Chania Adeste Villas

April 7, 2020
Luxury Villa that is perfect for a family holiday in Chania, Crete

Fun looks a lot like a family holiday in Chania, especially if you’re residing at the Adeste Luxury Villas. Alas in view of the current global circumstances, for now, recreating vacation moments with the gang, while staying safe inside, will just have to do. Read on for some inspiration and tips on how to get through this rough patch before it is time again to start planning your next family escapade.

Family holiday in Chania Adeste Villas

A family holiday in Chania at the Adeste Villas in Apokoronas is all about bonding with your loved ones against a most idyllic setting. Picture a verdant landscape on the foot of the imposing White Mountains, dotted with sparkling beach resorts and quaint little villages. Like Kokkino Chorio, no less than the filming location of legendary Zorba the Greek, itself!

This is the abode of the Adeste holiday homes in Crete: A sleek, thoughtfully designed complex of villas with something for all. Like to die for vistas, private pools, fireplaces, hot tubs or outdoor BBQ’s, to keep everyone in your company, young or old, happy and entertained. No matter which one you choose, all of the Adeste Chania luxury villas also come with an unmatched level of service and plenty of tricks up their sleeves: Including an expert concierge whose job is to make sure that you are indeed having the time of your lives: So a family holiday in Chania Adeste Villas would involve spending loads of quality time with your nearest and dearest, indoors and outdoors: A sailing trip, maybe horseback riding or an excursion to Cretaquarium, are some of the options. But so is enjoying relaxing massages by the pool or savouring, chef-prepared, delectable meals at your home away from home in Crete. Yes, life is sweet at this little slice of paradise. And normally this would be the time to organise your next family escapade for the up-coming summer.

But nowadays all of us, all around the planet, find ourselves in dire and unprecedented circumstances. Until we are in the clear, we need to stay calm and carry on. Here are some coping strategies whilst on home quarantine, with the kids, and trying to work remotely!

You’d be normally planning a dreamy family holiday in Chania Adeste Villas. Yet for now, vacationing in your backyard is the next best thing (or at least the nearest best!).

Home confinement has only been on for a couple of weeks but chances are that it already feels like an eternity. Children are going berserk, trying to escape. You, on the other hand, have become their designated school teacher (or should we say, prison warden?). And at the same time, you are attempting to salvage both your marriage and your career by playing office on the kitchen counter. Idyllic? Hardly.

Cabin fever is setting in and families are getting slightly mad, and mad at each other. Yet it only takes a shift in perspective: Home quarantine with the family, in fact, doesn’t have to be a drag. To the contrary, you might as well use this time productively to strengthen your relations with your offspring and spouse. Not unlike what would happen on a family holiday in Chania. Think about it this way too: You could have been stranded alone. Or with that horrid flatmate from craigslist! Here are 7 tips to help you navigate through the rough, coronavirus crisis times.

  • Fake it till you make it: Remember what you did during your last family holiday and try to recreate these happy moments back home. Building castles on the sand is not quite the same as planting pots in your backyard, but who says it is not as equally enjoyable?
  • Don’t begrudge yourself: Homeschooling can be quite the challenge even for the pros. Remember that you are not a teacher (or in any case not your children’s teacher!), so no one would blame you for not knowing Pythagoras’ theorem by heart!
  • Escape into the world of books: Choose a book of interest for the whole family. Read it aloud or listen to it on audio. Discuss what’s been read and motivate your kids to pick up new words from its vocabulary. A playful homework idea would be to ask them to write a short summary of what’s been read or listened to. You could even encourage them to develop their own version of the story.
  • Create bonding opportunities: Make bathtime fun. Look for online recipes for crafting your own shampoo and conditioner with ingredients you already have at home -fruits, vegetables, milk, honey, eggs… Then have a go in concocting your special hair mixture with the aid of the children. They shall love it and your pocket will be thanking you too!
  • Have an amazing time: Throw a family party with dimmed lights or even a disco ball. Dress up for the occasion or institute a specific dress code (pirates and mermaids will do!). Enjoy a picnic on your balcony or back yard. Introduce your kids to the world of music: Put on the classics, but also play your favourite tunes. Host a ball: Dance with your spouse and then switch couples: Mother & son, father & daughter etc…Switch roles also: Try impersonating each other over the dinner table. You’ll no doubt learn a lot about family perceptions, but take it all lightly. You don’t need to begrudge your kids if their impersonation of you was not what you had in mind!
  • Pamper yourself: Make room for some me-time. Give yourself a home spa treatment, socialize with friends on Facebook, Whatsapp or Zoom, catch up on your reading, indulge in whatever you want. Remember to focus on your well being too, not solely on the others’.
  • Own up to your negative feelings and thoughts: At these times of (unprecedented!) uncertainty and stress, everybody at some point thinks that the world is ending, or that they are gonna lose their job, get ill themselves, their parents, or their loved ones. Though thoughts and feelings like these are normal, they are instantly classified as negative or “bad”. Modern society is always telling us to stay positive. Yet if we try to just brush said thoughts aside they will invariably return -with gusto, at that. Don’t try to block them, acknowledge their existence, find a private spot and just let them come and go. Visualization here helps: Mentally picture your thoughts and feelings as clouds in the sky. Drifting into and out of your consciousness in the same manner. Jotting them down in a journal is also a good idea. This brings them into the light. You can thereafter inspect and evaluate them more clearly. And though a glass of wine surely does wonders for your psyche and spirits, one too many will bring you down. It is certainly tempting to drown negativity in liquor (or suppress it with other self-medicating techniques), but remember it would only be a temporary respite. Be kind to yourself instead. Realize that all experiences, in this case, life-altering events, bring along a range of responses, some pleasant, others not so much. But the bottom line is that we can not control our feelings, thoughts or emotions. And this is key to fostering self-compassion.

So you can’t take your family holiday in Chania this year?

Stay home, stay safe, stay strong. Take care of yourself and have a go in rediscovering the joys of family life. It might as well be a once in a lifetime opportunity! And when all this is over we’ll be waiting to welcome you with open arms in your home away from home in Crete.

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