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August 31, 2021

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Filled with world-famous sites but also quirky, come-hither nooks that tempt you to venture just that little bit further, Crete’s westernmost quarter begs to be discovered. Whether from the sea or the land, by foot, by boat or by car, explore Chania and fall in love forever.

From a post-card perfect mix of Venetian palazzos, Ottoman baths and Jewish synagogues to a choice of exotic, candy-sand beaches and secluded coves with crystalline waters; and from sleepy mountain villages to Eden-like plains, awe-inspiring historic sites and dramatic gorges and ravines, Chania is one of these places that get under your skin.


Whether you are a sporty and adventurous or more laid back type, this little slice of heaven on earth indeed offers an unrivalled mix of action, relaxation and fun under the sun and the stars alike.


Does this sound tempting? Then why not go for a last-minute escapade at the Adeste Chania Luxury Villas? Featuring magazine-worthy looks, 5-star services and the latest creature comforts, this complex of independent private residences in Crete is ideally located in verdant Apokoronas: Atop a hill between the pristine countryside and the daily life of a quaint hamlet; yet less than 30 km away from the island’s bustling former capital and arguably most picturesque town. Blending tranquillity and seclusion with idyllic vistas and proximity to the iconic sites, the Adeste, is just the perfect base to explore Chania and its manifold attractions. These come in spades, and it’s almost impossible to take it all in within the space of one holiday. To help you plan your dream vacation, this month’s blog post will be focusing on the waterside exploits to be savoured in and around Chania.


Explore Chania from the sea

Between exotic beaches to swim in, coral reefs and sunken ships to discover, surfboards to climb, and boats to board, water plays a key role in your Cretan holidays. Dive, dip, snorkel or surf in crystal clear, blue seas, work on your tan against azure skies or build castles on the sand- the choice is yours and it abounds when you set to explore Chania from the sea. Just make sure to bring along our signature picnic basket, for some delicious sustenance during your excursion.


Explore Chania: Seaside escapades near the Adeste Luxury Villas

Go on a boat trip from Kalyves to the Souda Fortress and around

On the coast of Souda Bay, a few km from the Adeste Chania Luxury Villas, Kalyves is a large village with a nice sandy beach that has been attracting more and more tourists in the last few years. There is a beach volley and a choice of seafront restaurants with sun loungers to relax in. One kilometre away you’ll find Kiani Akti, a long, low key beach with sunbeds and small canteens for drinks and snacks. If you like it cool, take a dip in the middle of this beach where the delta of the river Kiliaris is pouring water from the top of the White Mountains.


But what would really make a difference, is to hire a boat from Kalyves and cruise around the coastline: Between swimming and snorkelling in exotic waters, discovering secluded -inaccessible by car- beaches and admiring dolphins playing along the way, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to carve memories for a lifetime. More info at Beanie’s Boat Hire.


Book a snorkelling trip to Koutalas Beach and The Elephants Cave

Located at the tip of Cape Drapanos, Koutalas (1, 5 km from the Adeste) is one of the lesser-known beaches of the region. Unspoiled and untainted, Koutalas, sports spectacular surroundings and soft sands, ideal for relaxing under the sun. Make sure to bring your own provisions though, as there are no restaurants and tavernas. Also, at the end of your excursion, you’d do well to walk up to the 1800’s lighthouse at the tip of the cape to bask in the sunset views.


Yet the true magic of this place lies beneath its crystalline, aquamarine waters: With a fascinating seabed and a host of underwater caves, this is a perfect spot for swimming, snorkelling and diving-you can check out the Omega Divers diving centre in nearby Almyrida, for more information. Should you choose to go undersea, you may also venture to the neighbouring Elephant’s cave, for a dive experience you’ll remember forever: A nature’s masterpiece with stunning colours, stalagmites and stalactites, as well as important paleontological findings including the fossilized remains of a 60.000-year-old elephant, the Elephant Cave beckons the adventurer in you.


Rent a boat from Marathi Beach to Seitan Limania

A crowd’s favourite, Marathi Beach is also worth visiting. Go by car to discover its sandy dunes, sunbathe, swim or just relax while taking in the Cretan sun. But if you are looking for an extraordinary, most exclusive experience, hire a boat from Marathi to take in the scenery and waters of west Crete’s gorgeous coastline, at your pace, in your leisure. Rental options abound to suit different party sizes and needs -you may even charter certain types of boats without a licence, or opt for a skippered vessel. Destinations are bountiful too; with the iconic, but usually super crowded ashore, Seitan Limania, but one of the glorious stops to include in your itinerary.


Check out Notos Mare for more information.


Explore Chania with a bespoke cruise to the icons

Balos,Kedrodasos,Elafonisi, Falassarna… These are Crete’s heavy-duty artillery when it comes to the seaside. Consult with our Adeste concierge team and let us tailor design a boat trip to the island’s most iconic, world-class beaches. To give you just a hint, Balos boasts white sands and majestic rocky formations, which you won’t find elsewhere; while Falassarna, which is systematically featured in the “best beaches of the world” lists, sports pale pink sands and blue-green waters. Likewise, Elafonissi, a Natura 2000 protected area, has pink shells on the beach and the seabed and characteristically turquoise, crystalline waters. The neighbouring Kedrodasos, also a Natura area and a favourite of nature lovers and campers, is the most unspoiled of them all, a pink and white sand oasis with age-old cedar trees providing much sought after shade.


More information, tips and insights at Crete Escapes.

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