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Explore Chania in Easter and Springtime

April 25, 2019
Purple Easter Eggs. Explore Chania in Easter & Spring to experience local traditions

Why do you go on holiday? Perhaps you just want to bask in the glorious sunshine, have a dip in the sea, relax and unwind. Or maybe you’d like to spend your time more “productively”; getting acquainted with every nook and cranny of charming historical places and world class heritage sites. In Crete’s arguably most picturesque spot you can have the best of both worlds! Indeed with its stunning natural scenery, rich architectural legacy and array of enchanting folkways, Chania beckons both the “active” and the more “relaxed”.


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Relax in Chania: A brief guide

April 15, 2019

Why do you travel? To see the world and its marvels. To meet new people, sample their food, customs and culture. And, perhaps most importantly, to relax and unwind, as you go about it.

In view of our super busy, stressful lives, we all need -and deserve- a break from the pressures of everyday routine. A pure wonderland with all the holiday essentials –striking scenery, fascinating monuments, excellent climate, laid back aura and famed gastronomy- Crete is your best bet, if tension relief is what you’re craving for.

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