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Leisurely, fun-filled days at the Adeste luxury villas in Chania

May 3, 2022

One of the prettiest towns in Crete – if not the Mediterannean – Chania is a sterling destination with many joys in store: A scenic old harbour with Venetian mansions, ancient churches, mosques, and maze-like alleys to get lost in; jaw-dropping scenery with the majestic white mountains on the backdrop; traditional tavernas; elegant waterfront restaurants and cafes; quaint little shops with local arts and crafts; stunning surrounding countryside; ancient monasteries and a collection of iconic beaches.


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CATEGORY:Chania | monasteries | Travel

What to Eat on Easter in Chania?

April 7, 2022

Image by Congerdesign from Pixabay


Easter in Chania blends ageless mystique with springtime’s blooming beauty. This is a spiritual as much as a festive occasion, with many ancient facets and flavours; bringing together communities in an intuitively joyous way that has been largely lost in contemporary metropolises. And food, inextricably linked with the piously observed, time-honoured Easter traditions, plays an important role. Base yourselves at the Adeste Chania Luxury villas and prepare for a multisensory experience, with palatable delights in the limelight.

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The monasteries of Chania

April 4, 2022

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Emblems of faith and resistance, the monasteries of Chania have something for all: Alluring architecture, artful frescoes and reliefs; religious relics, historical remnants and modern-day, edible souvenirs. And that’s not to mention their gorgeous settings and views or captivating backstories.

Chania in Crete is blessed with some of the world’s most stunning beaches – but this is not its only claim to fame. You’ll find plenty of fascinating things to see and do here, even when it’s not bikini weather. Natural wonders aside, the island’s former capital has a long and turbulent history whose traces are now found in ancient monuments and archaeological sites; amid the alleyways of its surviving old town; but also in its awe-inspiring religious centres: Climbed on high cliffs or stretched out in fertile valleys, these imposing antique structures come with all-sweeping views and a wealth of tales to tell. Beacons of Orthodoxy, the monasteries of Chania stand as living testaments of Crete’s great past, attesting to the locals’ deep-rooted spirituality and faith.

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