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Travelling to Crete and in Crete is a truly all senses experience, but taste is a bit more spoiled than the others. The aromatic herbs and wild greens, the cheeses, the rich honey, the flavorful olive oil and even wine form the basis of the miracle that is Cretan cooking. You can taste unique dishes from fusion hotel restaurants to local “kafenia” at the most remote village. However, what can be better than hands-on cooking classes and wonderful foodie tours. But, if you refuse to leave your private pool, you can taste Crete at the privacy of your villa.


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Winery visit

Crete is lately on the wine map with many loyal fans, and some of the best and beautiful wineries can be found in Chania.

You can watch all the steps of winemaking, pair food and wine like a pro and enjoy a light meal with your favorite wine at the end of the tour. If you do not get car sick and would like to combine wine tasting with beautiful landscapes and excellent guides, we can arrange a Jeep tour for you.

Cooking lessons

Save a spot for a unique hands-on experience next to a local experienced cook and learn how to make your favorite local dish prepared only with fresh and local ingredients, and take a piece of Crete back with you!

Olive Oil Tasting

The center part of Cretan Diet is the Cretan olive oil, with which almost all the fare is accompanied in some way. Olive oil appreciation is the new trend and Crete is more than perfect to start learning this new skill. An expert will guide you through the oil making process and discuss secrets on storage, best use and healthy attributes of the "liquid gold".